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Once upon a time I did all kinds of other things – I worked in the geology department at Bryn Mawr College, the ecology department at Princeton, I wrote for the Philly Weekly, I helped develop housing for the homeless, I wrote long-form articles about sports and chilled with “famous” sports bloggers. For a time, I did several of these things at once. Then, several years ago, I quit most all of that and got focused on music full time, and lots of my more recreational or low-paying pursuits got shelved. I left my grad school program and decided to spend my days tweaking snare drum sounds and flying around the country DJing. Obviously, that is what this site is about.

If you find any of that other stuff fascinating, I’ve decided to revive my blog Pour the Science as sort of a catch-all nerd spot for long-form writing. It’s more or less a way to stay in mental shape. I’m coming to believe that if you don’t exercise some of your crucial brain muscles from time to time, you can’t just up and be frontal lobe Jack LaLanne as you get older. I’ve only been back at it for a few weeks, and there’s a gap of almost two years before the recent entries, so don’t be surprised if you find the fourth article to be entirely irrelevant!

It’s also a great site to find cryptically captioned pictures of rappers leading off articles about NFL labor disputes or local food systems.


LINK – Pour The Science

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