Boston, Philadelphia This Weekend With The Hood Internet

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The Hood Internet & DJ Apt One official press photo

I’m gonna be hitting the road with all my rowdy friends from ye olde Hood Internet this weekend. Friday I will be in Boston at The Sinclair, Saturday back in Philly at Johnny Brendas. These are early shows – doors at 8ish. Get tickets at their site –

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Fresh Coast Tour This Weekend

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Hitting up the West Coast this weekend for a string of gigs – will I see you there?

Jack @ The Eagle
w/ Pavone
Seattle, WA

Go Bang! @ The Stud
w/ Sergio Fedasz, Steve Fabus & Emily Coulson
San Francisco, CA

Motown On Mondays @ Madrone
w/ Timoteo, Gordo Cabeza and The Captain Hat
San Francisco, CA

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New Record, New Alter-Ego! Michael The Lion Remix for Robert Lux & Todd Edwards

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This is a big record for me for a few reasons – first, it is the debut of my new alter-ego “Michael The Lion,” who you will be hearing a lot more from in the near future. Second, it’s a really great record by a great duo – Robert Lux and Todd Edwards. Third, it is an absolutely devastating remix lineup – Pat Lok and Pittsburgh Track Authority are both shooting stars in their respective lanes. It doesn’t get much better!

The original and the Pat Lok remixes are both free – take a listen, buy a copy and support independent music!

iTunes | Amazon | Beatport | Juno

Robert Lux & Todd Edwards – I’ve Still Got Sunshine (Remixes) by Young Robots Records

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YR019 Vinyl now available worldwide!

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You may recall a little 13 song compilation called Philadelphia Maneto that I put out last summer – if you liked that, listen in, because this week I’m here to tell you about two spin-off projects that you will probably dig.

The first is a limited edition, silk-screened, hand-numbered vinyl EP featuring the above songs, which you can download for FREE.  If you support independent music, please purchase a 12″!  You can mail order them world-wide from Turntable Lab or the Young Robots discogs store. You can buy them at brick-and-mortar locations in Philadelphia (and at TTL’s flagship in NYC).

Many thanks for your support!  Later this week I will be telling you about another YR release and some West Coast shows I will be playing this weekend!

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Kensington Royals Fundraiser

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royals fundraiser

If you enjoy A) Baseball B) Pizza C) Beer or D) Music, or any Constanza-esque combination of these things, you should probably come to this fundraiser tonight. If you do not enjoy any of these things, you are probably on a terror watchlist.

The Kensington Royals (guys I have been playing baseball with for the better part of a decade) are organizing a fundraiser for spring/summer team equipment and expenses. They decided to share the proceeds to get the baseball team from Kensington High School some cage time.

The event is at Everybody Hits Batting Cages at 5th and Girard in Philly.

Donated beer & food by players as well as Narragansett & Pizza Brain. $20 gets you all you can eat, drink, hit, and dance.

9pm – 11pm
The cages will be running. You can hit until you have a perfect swing or your blisters make you stop. Delicious food and cold beverages will be shared.

11pm – 2am
La Musica.

We will have brand new Royals swag for purchase – hot new t-shirts, fitted hats for preorder – as well as a chance for you to make some loot in the 50/50 raffle.

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Preview: Venice Beach f/ Lavinia Claws – Closer (DJ Apt One Remix)

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closer vb

Italo groove alert! Here’s a preview of a remix for my Parisian buddies Venice Beach, out March 3rd on Do You Like (C2C’s label).


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New Vinyl EP – Release Party March 1st

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creep instore vol 2 copy

Very happy to announce that we will be releasing six songs from Philadelphia Maneto on a limited-run, silk-screened, hand-numbered vinyl EP, catalog number YR019.  Originals by Nicos Gun, The Downtown Club and Instamatic are be paired on the EP with three remixes by me.

Your first chance to get your hands on a copy is on March 1st at an in-store release party at Creep Records at the Piazza in Philadelphia. Catch a live performance by The Downtown Club and DJ sets from Universal Cave’s Brian Cassidy and yours truly. Event runs 6PM-9PM.





DJ APT ONE (Philadelphyinz / RCMP / Young Robots)
BRIAN CASSIDY (Universal Cave)


SAT. MARCH 1st, 5-9PM


$10 GETS YOU AN EP – supplies limited – pre-order a ticket via PayPal (below) and reserve your record. Units purchased this way are ONLY for pick-up at the event.


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Another White Light Mix

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White Light 95 Banner

As you may remember, I did a mix for the amazing White Light series with RCMP a few years back. I’m very fortunate to have been able to do another, this time as DJ Apt One.

This mix is special for a few reasons.

For one, this is the first place you can hear music by my new “alter-ego” Michael The Lion – a remix for Robert Lux and Todd Edwards that will be out this spring. Yes, the house legend, Daft Punk collaborator and Grammy winner Todd Edwards. That guy. This is the first tiny bit of a very big and time-consuming project that will hopefully see the light soon.

More importantly, this mixseries is one of the few that encourages really high-concept musical curation. The guys who run it ask people to emphasize the concepts of light and space into their mixes. My mix with RCMP contained lots of found sound from the 1960s space program and it was designed to evoke feelings of unease. This mix is a bit more terrestrial, but every bit as far-reaching. Here’s the blurb I wrote for White Light, followed by the tracklist. You can find a link to the mix at the bottom.

“This mix is a meditation on the seasons and the emotions they evoke. Earth’s orbit and the physical principle of conservation of energy philosophically are at a disconnect with my ideas about life’s linearity. The White Light mix I did with RCMP explored the cold conflict between the technological human and the cosmos. Now, I want to bring things back to Earth and musically detail the more immediate and tangible – the dark and the rosy, as well as the organic. This mix also contains the debut track from Michael the Lion, a new alias of mine. The program is in five movements.”


Movement 1 – Snow / Reflections
1. Excerpts from “A Year in the Wilderness”
2. Cocteau Twins – The Thinner The Air
3. The Three Degrees – Collage

Movement 2 – Spring / Storm
4. Yellow Sunshine – All Along the Seashore
5. Curtis Mayfield & The Staples Singers – After Sex
6. Kan Sano – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
7. Burnso – Bad News From the Stars
8. Serge Gainsbourg – Bad News From the Stars

Movement 3 – Dog Days / Introspection
9. DJ Apt One f/ Shadoe – Willing Interlude
10. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Willing
11. Dennis Parker – Like an Eagle
12. Herb Alpert – Rotation

Movement 4 – Autumn / Mercurial
13. Chris Rea – Josephine (Chris Coco Edit)
14. Elyas Khan – Bells (Instrumental)
15. Robert Lux & Todd Edwards – I’ve Still Got Sunshine (Michael the Lion Remix)
16. Kon & The Gang – Sunlight

Movement 5 – Earth / Cycle
17. Earth Wind & Fire – Kalimba Tree (Terje Edit)
18. Lamont Dozier – Going Back To My Roots

White Light 95 – DJ Apt One by White Light Mixes on Mixcloud

White Light Mix 95 – DJ Apt One []

RELATED: White Light 63- RCMP

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2013 Edits and Remixes

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releases and freebies copy

During the period last month during which the site was down or being rebuilt, I put this little playlist together on my Soundcloud page – all of my 2013 releases and bootlegs in one place! Check ‘em out and catch the ones you missed!

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Cooking With the DJ

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cwtdj grab

Hey there internet user – we have been working on a bunch of bug-fixes and upgrades over the last few weeks, hence the lack of posting activity. Apologies. – mf

So as some of you know, I’ve been doing this weird cooking-column thing over at Vice Magazine’s “Thump” site. Basically I ask my DJ friends weird questions and then they tell me how to cook a particular dish, like “Linguine with Clams and Slim Jims” or “Donair Kebab Sandwich.” Created a market niche you didn’t even know existed, right? You’re welcome.

Anyway, the tagging on Thump is a bit haphazard, so here’s a comprehensive rundown of the guests and dishes so far:

Feb 3rd – Ride The Universe – “The Experience” Burger
Jan 28th – “Freaky Franck” – Wines Talk & Penne w/ Shrimp
Jan 14th – Sammy Bananas – Ma Bananas’ Chipotle Beans
Jan 2nd – DJ Ayres – Party Chili
Dec. 23rd – 2013 Cooking DJ Wrapup
Dec. 10th Levins – Sopaipilla and Chicken Burgers
Nov. 27th – DJ Apt One – BBQ Smoked Turkey Wings
Oct. 23rd – Neil Armstrong – Cambodian-style Ribs
Oct. 9th – Rhek – Halifax Donair
Oct. 2nd – Frankie Banks – Linguine and Slim Jims
Sept. 26th – Steve from Hood Internet – Dr. Pepper Chicken

I have several upcoming columns, with guests from NYC, Minneapolis and Mexico.

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