Philadelphyinz 10-Year Reunion at Medusa Lounge This Friday!

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So Skinny Friedman and I did this little party we called Philadelphyinz at the Khyber and Medusa Lounge from 2005-2012. It was a pretty fucking good time.

We played whatever the hell we wanted, we had a lot of fun with our friends, we ended up building careers in music based mostly on the fun and creativity and success of the party. We got to meet lots of great people, we toured all over, we saw some of our friends go on to achieve really amazing things. In hindsight, it’s amazing what kind of people we were able to get to come play in that little tiny club.

By 2012, we knew it was time to put the party to bed. Recently, we realized that it had been ten years since the first edition at the Khyber, and we decided to call Portia at Medusa get the band back together for one last ride – this Friday, November 13th. We’ve got Lexie hosting, Alison working door and Kelly at the bar, just like old times.

Be prepared to hear some of the cuts we played at the party – plenty of funky house joints, rap tunes, classic funk and disco cuts and many of our own creations.

Here’s the deets:

Philadelphyinz 10-Year Reunion

November 13th, 2015
Medusa Lounge
27 S. 21st St., Philadelphia
Five Bucks

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This Saturday – Hooked is Back!

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After a hiatus of almost four months, Hooked is back at Franky Bradley’s. This is a night of disco classics and the music they inspired – truly one of the best parties I have the honor of playing. I did a big interview before the last Hooked with the Philly Weekly – check it out if you wanna learn more about the things that inspired Del, Shawn and I to get down like this!

///HOOKED Vol. 3


MICHAEL THE LION (Soul Clap Records, Razor-N-Tape)

DEL (Do You Wanna Boogie, 5 Magazine)

SHAWN RYAN (Universal Cave, Superprince)

Playing the classic sound – from past to present.

Saturday, May 30th

at Franky Bradley’s
1320 Chancellor St.

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Michael The Lion Summer Tour

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Hello World! I’ll be all over the globe this summer and bringing the Funk Train along with me – stay tuned to the tour dates in the sidebar of this site (or to my twitter etc.,) for info on additional shows which will be added.

[UPDATE - Schedule now updated to include France and NYC shows!]

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Hooked Returns to Philly This Saturday!!

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hooked lg may 15

The first installment was one of the best parties I’ve had the luxury of playing in Philly. I’m bringing Michael The Lion out of his cage and bringing those disco crates!

///HOOKED Vol. 2


MICHAEL THE LION (Soul Clap Records, Razor-N-Tape)

DEL (Do You Wanna Boogie, 5 Magazine)

SHAWN RYAN (Universal Cave, Superprince)

Playing the classic sound – from past to present.

Saturday, May 30th

at Franky Bradley’s
1320 Chancellor St.


Plus, Shawn, Del and I did a 90 minute guest mix on WKDU FM’s “Hot Mix” last week. You can listen to that here:

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Michael The Lion Edits EP (Razor-N-Tape) Out Now!

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The major labels couldn’t back up the presses forever – the Michael The Lion Edits are now available on 12″ wherever fine records are sold!

This record has a little bit of everything. Any Time is an edit of a loft classic that I did almost five years ago. The Don is an italo/eurodisco joint reminiscent of my RCMP days. Get More is my multi-instrumental hard disco-funk take on a Philly classic (I play 4 guitar lines on it). Lastly 909s And Herb is a little collabo with my man 50 grand Sammy Bananas that has turned into a secret heater in Soul Clap’s recent sets.

Very excited and very honored to be a part of this label – which boasts a roster of top class editors like Dimitri From Paris, Ron Basejam and DJ Vas.

Hope you enjoy – listen below and grab a copy at Juno.

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Razor-N-Tape EP Promo Mix and Preview

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I’m very excited to announce that I will be dropping an EP of edits on Razor-N-Tape as Michael The Lion. RNT is one of the best labels around, I’m honored to become a part of their roster, which includes Dimitri From Paris, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Pools and many other top talents.

Record store day has the vinyl presses all jammed up – and we had hoped the record would be out this week, but there’s a bit of a delay. Have no fear, however, because I’ve got a lil’ promo mix for you, recorded live at the ultra-exclusive Michael The Lion Block Party and I’ve got a preview of one of the tunes on the new EP, called “Get More.” Listen, enjoy, and GET ON THE FUNK TRAIN.

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Saturday – Hooked (Philly)

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Very, very excited to present a new experience in a new venue…



The Philly Debut of
MICHAEL THE LION (Soul Clap Records, Razor-N-Tape)

DEL (Do You Wanna Boogie, 5 Magazine)

SHAWN RYAN (Universal Cave, Superprince)

Playing the classic sound – from past to present.

Saturday, March 7th

at Franky Bradley’s
1320 Chancellor St.

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Friday – Output NYC

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I’ll be assuming animal form and playing a set as my Michael The Lion alter-ego at Output in NYC this Friday. Joining me will be many of my fellow travelers on the Soul Clap mothership – Soul Clap themselves, “Disco” Tom Noble and Inkswel. Should be a pretty damn good night.

Friday, 13 February 2015
10PM – 05AM

Soul Clap (Open to Close)

The Panther Room:
Inkswel [BBE Records/ Rush Hour/ Hot Shot]
Tom Noble [Superior Elevation Records/ PPU Peoples Potential Unlimited/ Beats In Space]
Michael the Lion [Soul Clap Records]

74 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11201

Tickets – $30

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The Funk Train In Boston

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This Friday, the Funk Train will be rolling into Boston and I’ll have some special guests in tow. Amy Douglas will be singing Funk Train live, Goulet will be slingin’ tunes and the one and only Cosmo Baker will be doubling up with me on the wheels as we dish out the finest disco, funk, soul and house.

Here are the details:

Michael The Lion’s Funk Train

Cosmo Baker, Amy Douglas, Goulet
w/ DJ Apt One aka Michael The Lion (Soul Clap)
Good Life
28 Kingston St. Boston, MA
$5 before 11, $10 after
Jan 9th, 2010.

Related: Michael The Lion – Funk Train 12″, The World of Michael The Lion Mix

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New Michael The Lion Mix for Soul Clap

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“This mix is made up of tunes that are the musical lineage or the musical forbears of the Michael The Lion persona. Over the years I have produced tons of tracks and edits as DJ Apt One and with my group RCMP – many of which came to ultimately make up the basis of the Michael The Lion sound. These are those tunes, combined with some Michael The Lion songs, including Funk Train.”


1. Frank Ocean – Pyramids (DJ Apt One Disco Dub)
2. Diana Ross – Love Hangover (DJ Apt One Edit)
3. Michael The Lion f/ Amy Douglas – Funk Train
4. Michael The Lion f/ Sammy Bananas – 909s and Herb
5. RCMP – Men’s Rhythm
6. Michael The Lion & FSQ – Vibe Out
7. DJ Apt One – RC Groove
8. Archie Bell – Any Time Is Right (DJ Apt One Edit)
9. Michael The Lion – Side of Life
10. Nicos Gun f/ Sammy Bananas – Dirty Girl (DJ Apt One Remix)

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