909s And Herb On Boiler Room

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Check the above teaser video for Mister Saturday Night’s Boiler Room soiree, featuring my tune 909s And Herb (featuring Sammy Bananas). If you don’t have the song, you can grab it on Juno, Beatport, Traxsource and also there are still some vinyl copies available.

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re/Birth Tour, Hooked Returns To Philly

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The #FunkTrain just keeps on rolling, with stops in Pittsburgh, Philly, Toronto and DC.  Check the above flier for dates….

and yes…Hooked is coming back to Philly at Franky Bradley’s this Saturday!  Philly’s disco party returns with the spirit of the boogie. DEL and I will be bringing you disco classics and the music they inspired.  My favorite, favorite night!


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2015 Year in Review

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This has been quite a year. In 2015, I was finally able to take the Michael The Lion project and put the “Funk Train” into high gear. Here’s a little review of the music I made and the places I went in the year gone by, and here’s to an exciting 2016!

A quick refresher: at the end of 2014, I dropped a 12″ single on Soul Clap Records called Funk Train.

With Amy Douglas on vocals, the tune represented the sound I was trying to cultivate with the MTL project – sample-based grooves, live instruments and live vocals. The song did quite well, and I launched my travelling Funk Train party in Boston with Cosmo Baker. Then in February I was lucky to join Soul Clap at their residency at Output in NYC, one of the world’s greatest clubs.

In March, Shawn Ryan, Del and I debuted the amazing quarterly party we’ve been doing at Franky Bradley’s in Philly called Hooked. Playing classic disco and the sounds that were inspired by that era, we’ve loved every minute of that party, always a blessing to share the music you love with your hometown folks.  I was also lucky to play at the Shakedown’s 10 year anniversary party with Philly legends Cosmo Baker, King Britt, Rob Paine and Willyum.

In April, I dropped a 12″ EP of edits on Razor-N-Tape records, which is a real up-and-coming powerhouse of a label. The reception to the record was amazing and it was named one of Juno Records best dance records of the year.  The label has been beyond amazing to work with and they pushed the record far and wide.

During the summer, I pushed off on a tour across the US and Europe which included memorable gigs in France, a visit to my brother’s house in Berlin and the debut of my Funk Train residency at the venerable Eighteenth Street Lounge in DC.

During the Fall, Skinny Friedman and I reunited to do a one-off ten year anniversary version of the Philadelphyinz party. It was an amazing reunion, with friends coming in from Chicago, NYC and elsewhere to surprise us with their presence. We felt truly loved.

As the year drew to a close, I released another 12″ EP of edits on UK’s Giant Cuts records.  It’s always an amazing feeling to hold a record you made in your hands, and the feeling never gets old!

When it came time for the always-anticipated year-end Mastermix from Glasgow’s Jackmaster, I was pleasantly surprised to find “Get More” from the Razor-N-Tape release was featured.

By year’s end, it was time for one more special project – a cassette on Soul Clap Records by my band Strange Danger – a quasi-throwback soundtrack and infomercial music project that’s as bizarre as it sounds.  That record has been five years in the making, and it’s just getting started.

In 2016, look out for more Michael The Lion releases on more amazing labels and look out for more Hooked and more tour and more good good. I’m very thankful to be able to make this music and share it with people, and I’m always grateful for the people who listen to my music and make it all possible.

Big thanks to my wife Erica, to Sammy Bananas, Aaron Dae, Jason JKriv, Eli and Charlie from Soul Clap, David from Giant Cuts, Amy Douglas, Didier, Jerome, Bruce, Matt Lipsit, Shawn Ryan, Del, Ed Christof, Andy, George Lawrence, Miflyn, Cosmo Baker and any and all people who helped me in the past year. Big things in 2016!

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Strange Danger

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strange danger drawing small

Strange Danger is the soundtrack to a movie that does not yet exist. It’s now out on cassette on Soul Clap Records exclusively at the Crew Love Store.

Side A
Your New Home Computer
Like A Buick
NY Seltzer
7, 11, 3 & 7

Side B
Carl Lewis Theme
7, 11, 3 & 7 Reprise
Goldfish Police
Olympic Theme



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Upcoming Events – Hooked (Philly) and Funk Train (DC)

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My two residencies take place in back to back weeks in Philly and DC this month!

This Saturday it’s the return of Hooked – Philly’s disco spectacular at the ever-fantastic Franky Bradley’s. Then next weekend, I’m bringing Let’s Play House’s Elvin Tibideaux down to Eighteenth St. Lounge in DC for a night of disco, funk and house at the Funk Train!


Saturday, December 12, 2015
Michael The Lion, Shawn Ryan & DEL
Franky Bradley’s
13th and Chancellor


Friday, December 18, 2015
Michael The Lion’s Funk Train
Michael The Lion, Elvin Thibideaux
Eighteenth St. Lounge
Washington, DC

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Michael The Lion – “Most Known Edits” 12 Out Now!

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My latest EP of edits under the Michael The Lion moniker are now available from London-based Giant Cuts Records.

This vinyl-only release features four tunes which kind of showcase my MO – sampled grooves and lots of my own live instrumentation and percussion. Some of these tunes you may recognize from my live sets from over the years – strictly dancefloor jams – keepin it funky and uplifting as best I can!

You can buy the 12″ from Juno, Pacific Beach Vinyl, Picadilly and more.

Here’s a little demo reel to give you a flavor of what’s on the record.

Very flattered to have been asked to put these out. I never really intended Michael The Lion to be a project that was edit-oriented (stay tuned for more originals coming soon) but I’m very happy that amazing edit-oriented labels like Razor-N-Tape and now Giant Cuts have graciously put up their hard-earned money to press my tunes. No better feeling than holding a record of your jams in your hands.

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Philadelphyinz 10-Year Reunion at Medusa Lounge This Friday!

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So Skinny Friedman and I did this little party we called Philadelphyinz at the Khyber and Medusa Lounge from 2005-2012. It was a pretty fucking good time.

We played whatever the hell we wanted, we had a lot of fun with our friends, we ended up building careers in music based mostly on the fun and creativity and success of the party. We got to meet lots of great people, we toured all over, we saw some of our friends go on to achieve really amazing things. In hindsight, it’s amazing what kind of people we were able to get to come play in that little tiny club.

By 2012, we knew it was time to put the party to bed. Recently, we realized that it had been ten years since the first edition at the Khyber, and we decided to call Portia at Medusa get the band back together for one last ride – this Friday, November 13th. We’ve got Lexie hosting, Alison working door and Kelly at the bar, just like old times.

Be prepared to hear some of the cuts we played at the party – plenty of funky house joints, rap tunes, classic funk and disco cuts and many of our own creations.

Here’s the deets:

Philadelphyinz 10-Year Reunion

November 13th, 2015
Medusa Lounge
27 S. 21st St., Philadelphia
Five Bucks

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This Saturday – Hooked is Back!

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After a hiatus of almost four months, Hooked is back at Franky Bradley’s. This is a night of disco classics and the music they inspired – truly one of the best parties I have the honor of playing. I did a big interview before the last Hooked with the Philly Weekly – check it out if you wanna learn more about the things that inspired Del, Shawn and I to get down like this!

///HOOKED Vol. 3


MICHAEL THE LION (Soul Clap Records, Razor-N-Tape)

DEL (Do You Wanna Boogie, 5 Magazine)

SHAWN RYAN (Universal Cave, Superprince)

Playing the classic sound – from past to present.

Saturday, May 30th

at Franky Bradley’s
1320 Chancellor St.

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Michael The Lion Summer Tour

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Hello World! I’ll be all over the globe this summer and bringing the Funk Train along with me – stay tuned to the tour dates in the sidebar of this site (or to my twitter etc.,) for info on additional shows which will be added.

[UPDATE - Schedule now updated to include France and NYC shows!]

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Hooked Returns to Philly This Saturday!!

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hooked lg may 15

The first installment was one of the best parties I’ve had the luxury of playing in Philly. I’m bringing Michael The Lion out of his cage and bringing those disco crates!

///HOOKED Vol. 2


MICHAEL THE LION (Soul Clap Records, Razor-N-Tape)

DEL (Do You Wanna Boogie, 5 Magazine)

SHAWN RYAN (Universal Cave, Superprince)

Playing the classic sound – from past to present.

Saturday, May 30th

at Franky Bradley’s
1320 Chancellor St.


Plus, Shawn, Del and I did a 90 minute guest mix on WKDU FM’s “Hot Mix” last week. You can listen to that here:

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